About FeatureCAM Training Videos

We have been actively involved with FeatureCAM for about 15 years. We have sold to hundreds of companies and trained just about everybody we've sold to. After so many years of training, we've been asked just about every question imaginable.This has helped us learn FeatureCAM in great detail and we want to be able to share this knowledge with other users.

These videos were created because there are not many materials available for learning FeatureCAM. These videos are not meant to replace training, but to enhance the knowledge you already have. These videos were created in an informal setting. They were not created using thousands of dollars and high-end equipment, In many cases we make mistakes and garble up our words, However, this has in turn become a really good way of teaching. This helps show how to get out of some common situations and to keep moving forward. We hope you decide to purchase the videos and get lots of use from them. You are always welcome to call and critique or just to chat about something we did.